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    Saturday, January 2, 2010

    Here we are for the first look at my bookshelf for 2010. I'm posting this a bit earlier than usual, but what the hey? Why not? You will get a nice shiny new review tomorrow instead.

    Graceling by Kristin Cashore
    My brother bought me this for Christmas. Thanks bro! It's straight off of my wish list and exactly what I wanted!

    The Road by Cormac McCarthy
    I picked this one up during the post-Christmas sales and I'm really looking forward to reading it. Yes, I bought one of the movie cover editions but I've been on a total Lord of the Rings kick seeing as I received the extended editions of the movies for Christmas so I don't mind a little extra Viggo.

    In My Mailbox is a weekly meme hosted by Kristi at The Story Siren. Go here to find out more.

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  2. 8 comments:

    1. Melissa said...

      Oh, I've been wanting to read Graceling! Nice bro. And who couldn't use a little more Viggo. ;)

    2. Lea said...

      Ah, Viggo...I mean, um, cool book! ;)

      I need to re-read Graceling, because all I remember was that I loved it!

      Happy reading!

    3. I love that cover for Graceling. I've got to read that one yet!

    4. Kathy Martin said...

      Nice books. I like Graceling a lot. I'll have to look for The Road. Happy reading!

    5. Great books! I have both of them and the Road is great. Graceling is next in my reading pile!

      Here's what I got this week:

      Have a great start of the year!

    6. I had loads of fun reading Graceling, personally. Hope you enjoy your books~

    7. Ooh, I hope you enjoy Graceling! I know I did. :)

    8. Kay said...

      *sighs* Viggo...

      Great stash this week!

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