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  1. Review Policy
    If you are interested in having me review your book, I am more than happy to accept review copies as well as host contests and interviews. Please contact me at

    What genres I am willing to review:
    Science Fiction
    Young Adult
    Classic fiction (with a focus on dystopian or Gothic subjects)
    Popular non-fiction
    Historical fiction
    Literary fiction

    At the moment I am very keen to expand the nature of the books reviewed on this blog so I am willing to consider genres outside of my comfort zone. However...

    Genres that will not be accepted for review:
    Christian/religious fiction

    On the rare occasion I may review a biography of my own choosing. I do not enjoy and have no interest in romance or religious fiction and hence do not feel that I can fairly review these genres.

    About the Blogger
    Terra is an internet alter ego created in 2005 for the sake of internet anonymity. Behind Terra is Rebecca - a twenty-two year old Australian with a life long love affair with books. Rebecca has a diploma in library and information studies and now works as a casual at her local library and hopes to make a career out of it someday. She also has had the opportunity to gain some experience working in a university library. In 2009 she discovered the world of literary blogs and was inspired to create one of her own.

    Rebecca's other interests include music, fitness, musical theatre, and Joss Whedon creations.
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