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  1. Aussie Author Challenge

    Sunday, January 3, 2010

    Booklover Book Reviews is hosting a great challenge featuring Australian authors!

    The challenge runs from 1 January 2010 and ends 31 December 2010 and has two different levels: Tourist and Fair Dinkum!

    As an Australian, I really should be showing more support for Australian authors. Hence, I am going to aim for the Fair Dinkum level of the challenge. The goal for Fair Dinkum is to read at least eight books by a minimum of five Australian authors. Here is my tentative list of my minimum five Aussie authors:
    • John Marsden
    • Garth Nix
    • Isobelle Carmody
    • Kim Wilkins
    • Tim Winton

    I am not going to pick which titles I will read just yet. There are high chances that I might change my author picks or expand the list.

    Click here to visit the Booklover Book Reviews site for details about how to join in!

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  2. 4 comments:

    1. Nina said...

      Good luck with the challenge, it does sounds great. :)

    2. This year I resolve to read and review more books by Aussies in general. Great challenge!

    3. Thanks for joining me in this challenge Terra! I look forward to sharing reviews... In doing my research for my Aussie Author in Focus posts I'm finding more and more great Aussie authors even I as an Aussie hadn't heard about. Between all the challenge participants with different reading tastes we should end up with a great list of Aussie books/reviews! :)

    4. Amanda-Lee said...

      Good luck with the challenge, i might join to...hehe I should probably support more Australian authors as well, especially seeing as I'm trying to become one.

      any way, it's always good to find another Aussie floating around :)

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