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  1. Graceling by Kristin Cashore

    Thursday, January 21, 2010

    All across the seven kingdoms there are people born with Graces, special skills above and beyond the norm. As a girl Katsa killed a man with her bare hands without even trying and from hence forth her Grace was recognised as killing. Her Grace is used in service to her king who has her punish any who displease him. While Katsa is feared by many for her horrific role, she is not without a conscious and in secret leads a Council with the goal to do good. One such mission leads her to Prince Po, a Graced fighter who is the only person that she has ever encountered who can match her in a fight. Together they seek the truth behind the kidnapping of Po's grandfather and discover a terrible secret that could be the downfall of all the seven kingdoms.

    A massive thank you must go to my brother for buying me this book because I really loved it. Kristin Cashore has made a wonderful debut with Graceling.

    The romance aspect was interesting in terms of Katsa's strong anti-marriage stance. Katsa views marriage as being like a cage, something that will tie her down and give a man ownership over her. Considering what Katsa then goes on to experience in a romantic relationship I found it disapointing that those experiences did not bring her to consider her views on marriage even if such considerations did not change her mind. Aside from the issue of marriage that could very nearly lend towards making her too strong, I thought that Katsa was well balanced as a strong female protagonist with both strengths and weaknesses, often tough but with occasional moments of softness.

    The fantasy aspect of Graceling I enjoyed thouroughly. The antagonist was well matched to provide Katsa with a believable opponant, seeing as she is near unmatchable as a fighter. This was such an important aspect because, in knowing Katsa's physical capabilities, it was difficult to ever worry that her physical journey, however harrowing, was truely a threat to her.

    The only other thing is that I would have liked Graceling to have been a bit longer, to have Cashore go into deeper detail with her world and the characters.

    Some of the twists in Graceling I could guess while others took me entirely by surprise. I thouroughly enjoyed Graceling and after reading the preview at the end of the book of the "prequelish companion", I cannot wait to get stuck into Fire.

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    1. April said...

      Glad you really enjoyed Graceling! I agree about wanting it to be longer, it was so good.

      I totally did not see the twist with a certain King coming at all, but it was definitely interesting.

      Personally, I think if Katsa had changed her mind about marriage, it wouldn't have been true to her character, as her character seemed so adamant in her beliefs about marriage.

    2. Terra said...

      I did not want Katsa to change her mind so much as to gain a wider perspective on the issue, I think, as I do agree that it would be very unlikely for her character to go and get married regardless.

    3. Melissa said...

      Now I really have to get this book! :) Thanks for the review!

    4. I am really glad you enjoyed the book so much. I have it on my shelf here, along with Fire, to read this year. Thanks for the great review - as you have made me want to read it now.

    5. I loved Graceling. Adored it! It's one of my top faves. I wasn't expecting to like it so much so it was an awesome surprise to be so in love. The action was great. I was crazy about her assassin skills!

      I thought her against marriage stance was a bit overdone. She was so closed minded about it. Fire has that same perception. I'm thinking the author has some issues.

      The UK cover was so much better than the US. So happy to hear you enjoyed the book!

    6. Nina said...

      I havent read the book, but after reading so many positive reviews I will add this one to my tbr list. Sounds great!

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