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  1. Spring Cleaning

    Thursday, November 26, 2009

    So, the original intent had been to have a review up and ready for today. Instead I have found myself caught up with cleaning out excess junk. It's turned into a pretty big job. I have dared to venture into The Vortex, otherwise known as the space under my bed. Holy carp! The amount of stuff that fits under there!

    Hopefully all this hard yakka will pay off and a clean space will equal a good writing space to try and sprint through the last few days of November. I am not going to hit 50K for NaNoWriMo but at least I have posted something everyday for NaBloPoMo!

    We have also been getting a lot of spiders around lately so better not to provide them with too much clutter to hide in. It's a great thing living in a country with so many poisonous things. =D

    Not to mention that I am terrified of cockroaches so I definitely do not want to be attracting them to my personal space. De-clutter away!

    My apologies, by the way, to the arachnophobes.

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    1. Emily said...

      I wish you could see the face I'm making as I look at that picture of the spider. Blech!

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