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  1. 100 Mile Fitness Challenge

    Friday, November 6, 2009

    It just would not be right for me to join a challenge just as it was starting. For some reason I always have to join sometime in the middle or the tail end of things. This challenge is hosted by Trish of Trish's Reading Nook. Trish had the fantastic idea that we should all work out together. Okay, so we cannot actually be physically together but we sure can cheer each other along!

    The goal of this challenge is to "travel" 100 miles between October 1st and December 31st. It's heading in to summer over here and this sounds like just the kind of kick up the bum that I need to get me up and exercising. Bikini season is fast approaching and my stomach hardly looks tone after a winter of curling up in front of the heater with my books and eating nice warm comfort foods. Eeeek!

    To find out more head on over to the 100 Mile Fitness Challenge Blog!

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