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  1. Now to be completely off topic... Hair

    Wednesday, September 30, 2009

    This has absolutely nothing to do with books but is highly unusual for me so I thought that I would share. Just humour me, yeah?

    Today I went and did something that I have actually never done before. I went to an actual salon to get my hair styled. In the past it's always been cut by a family friend but I decided that I wanted to do something different. I even got foils. Oooh. Exciting!

    I snapped a before and an after shot for the comparing. I just used the my laptop webcam as my actual camera is bust.

    Please ignore my unmade bed in the background. Ooops.



    Nothing too drastic but still a change which I definitely needed. Change is good. Very good.

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  2. 7 comments:

    1. Wow! you are very pretty... You look like a famous singer, but I'm not gonna say it :p

      Additionally, I like the blue hues in your room. Looking at your blue singlet, I would guess it'd your favourite colour?

      ps: who ACTUALLY makes their bed nowadays :p

    2. Terra said...

      Thanks. ^_^

      To be honest, the pretty blue hues are a lie of the camera. My walls are a very, very pale purple and the blinds are a kind of light... you might call it taupe? Maybe. If my bed was made you would be able to see that the spread is red and white. I would like to replace my white furniture actually. I've had it since I was a kid and I'm getting tired of it. Getting a car has to take priority though... My top, however, is indeed a bright blue and that stone pendant you can see a hint of is blue agate. Just for the record, the bangles I have on are orange. I love me some colour... and I tend to ramble. =)

    3. That's something we have in common then (the rambling) you've seen how long some of the reviews are lol.

      Do you still live at home I take it? I think a total re-decor is a great thing to do, any idea on what theme etc you'd like to do?

      I still have the Goth thing going, so most of my clothes are black with hints of red and purple, but during summer it becomes function over fashion unfortunately. The brisvegas summer heat doesn't allow much for goth fashion...though I do own a pair of blue jeans....somewhere. Tried to dress 'normal', just can't do it :(

    4. Terra said...

      Yup, still at home. I'm only 20 so I'm not rushing to get out the door quite yet. I have to be able to afford it first.

      Haha! I pretty much live in my jeans.

    5. Ha-Ha! I remember the good old days when I didn't own many clothes when I was your age either. Basically I wore black jeans, a collared black shirt, docs and black trenchcoat. in summer the shirt was replaced with band shirts.

      Also in my day The Vampire Chronicles by Anne Rice were quite in vogue (waaaay before all this Twilight crap) and me and the gang used to walk around everywhere in frock coats, frilly shirts and pointy shoes with our long hair tied back with a ribbon.

      Oh, those were the days!

    6. I do like the highlights. The cut is nice too. It is more shaped for your face.

      I use to do the highlighting thing myself. I would have my husband do them for me, since I had a really hard time doing my own hair. I have gone to doing all one color now, but still like to throw a few highlights in, in the summer time.

      I do like the new do. Very nice. Looks easy to do too (I always go for easy dos.)

    7. Lovely cut--reminds me I need to go to. It's getting rather long, so the question is, to hack or not to hack?

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