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  1. Dead as a Doornail by Charlaine Harris

    Wednesday, October 21, 2009

    So, I've been absent again for awhile. We've changed our internet plan now so hopefully it means that we won't exceed our limit (ooops!) again any time soon and I can keep up with regular updates. Now, on with the review...

    It's the first full moon since Jason's abduction and rescue and Sookie knows that her brother is going to turn into a Werepanther before even he does. Her relief when Jason starts to embrace the change in himself is replaced with fear when a sniper starts to target the Bon Temps shape shifter population. Not only is Jason at risk from the shooter, but many among his new Were-bretheren suspect that he may be the shooter, acting for revenge for the change forced upon him. Sookie can't risk Jason changing at the next full moon with a bunch of angry Werepanthers but can she discover the shooter in time?

    This book didn't really have much of an impact on me, to be perfectly honest. Oh, sure, it had it's moments and some good subplots but it didn't grab me as much as some of the other books in the series did. I cannot really pinpoint why. Maybe I have overdosed on Sookie books?

    I did like, however, that it was rooted back in Bon Temps again. Sookie sure has become quite the little traveler lately and it was good to see something based on her home ground. Being grounded back in (almost, kind of) normal life also makes the changes in Sookie more noticeable. Even just the little things, like how she mentions that she has continued to get her nails done.

    It was also great to see that Tara subplot that has been developing in the background over the past couple of books finally come to the forefront. Harris also makes it very easy to guess who the sniper is but I guess this series isn't supposed to invoke much heavy thinking anyway. There is also Jason's ongoing predicament from the previous book and how once again suspicion is cast upon him causing his new found peers to distrust him.

    On the relationship front, there were some interesting developments with Eric, it looks like Bill might worm his way back onto the scene and Calvin Norris is still around with his eyes on Sookie. There was also some, ahem, interesting leg licking action and the plot about the Were leadership better showed up some of Alcides flaws (which were much needed especially after someone suggests that maybe Debbie cast a spell on him to hold his interest).

    Claudine the fairy also makes a reappearance. I found it odd that even though Dead as a Doornail is set only a few weeks after Dead to the World, Sookie seems to speak of Claudine with a lot of familiarity even though they have not known each other long. Same goes for Claudine's brother Claude who we are told is really hot but off the list of dating possibilities due to his sexuality. Are the only guys who don't drool over Sookie gay?

    This installment has despite some great plots and subplots. A definite treat for Sookie followers who want are fans of the shape shifters.

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    1. Hey, how's it going? Wondered where you disappeared too!

      So you're starting to catch up on the Sookie series! Good :)

      I just started the new Sookie book "A Touch of Dead", which is a collection of short stories set amongst the current nine books. I'll have a review up for it in a couple of days hopefully. I think another book is due early next year, and it's called "Dead In the Family" I think...

      Hope you are well.

    2. Melissa said...

      I need to get going on my Sookie again. I think I'm 3 behind to the latest release. The books for me can be inconsistent, but always makes me wonder what the heck she is up to. As far as the tv series goes, there are characters I didn't care for in the books I love on the series and vice versa. All I have to say is keep going... wait until you get more on Eric. :D

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