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  1. The Dancing Dead

    Wednesday, September 2, 2009

    Imagine that you are in your car when you see a small horde of zombies shambling towards you. What do you do? Do you:
    A) Drive away fast?
    B) Attempt to run them over?
    C)Leave your car and attempt to escape on foot?

    According to the band Naked Ape, the correct answer is D) None of the above. Instead of fleeing for your life, park your car and make yourself comfortable. These zeds don't want to eat your brains. Oh, no. They just want to wash your car.

    (Anyone who is put off by the concept of a scantily clad zombie ladies getting soaped up while washing a car may not be inclined to hit play.)

    It turns out that not even the zombie economy is not doing too great at the moment either, prompting some of these zombie ladies to seek out a second job. They wash cars by day and by night they... pole dance? But be careful. Zombies that work hard also bite hard.

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    1. vvb32 reads said...

      omg! sshmexy zombies! ewww! LOL!

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