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    Sunday, May 1, 2011

    I'm back. Hopefully for good this time. You'll notice that I am in the middle of updating the site so please forgive any broken links and odd images. Hopefully everything will be smoothed out shortly.

    One exciting new development since my last post is that I bought new furniture for my bedroom.
    This included a new bookcase! One thing you will notice is that the new bookcase is super skinny. At only 40cm across this Fantastic Furniture bookcase is half the width of my old one! Fortunately it is fairly deep, meaning that there is enough space to have double rows of books on most of the shelves. Rather than space, my main concern with the new shelf stability. Luckily it does come with an optional strap that you can use to nail it to the wall but so far I haven't attached it.

    If this bookcase says anything about me it is that I am space poor (and that I love my jewelery as much as books to give up what little shelf space I have to one of my jewelery boxes). Upgrading from a single to a double bed gobbles up space. Which is why I also snagged this Avoca CD/DVD Cabinet. I only have one shelf worth of CDs so I used the remaining CD shelves to squeeze in more DVDs. The end result is the perfect fit for my CD and DVD collection.

    I want to see YOUR bookcase!
    Send me a photo of your bookcase along with a paragraph or two about what you love about your bookcase, what's on there, and what it says about you! Every week (here's hoping that I get some responses) I'll feature a bookshelf and happily link back to your blog or website if you have one! Please send your submisssions to
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  2. 6 comments:

    1. Jenica704 said...

      This sounds like fun. I'm actually buying a new bookshelf today, so once it's constructed and loaded with books, I'll send you some pictures of my bookshelves. Where should I send the pictures?

    2. Terra said...

      Hi, Jenica. Please send your pictures to I'm looking forward to seeing them. :D

      I forgot to include the email. That's what I get for blogging right before bed.

    3. This sounds like so much fun!
      I am going to email you my submission!

    4. Anonymous said...

      Sounds like fun! I have Fantastic Furniture bookshelves too :-)
      I a going to submit too!

    5. vvb32 reads said...

      welcome back! bookshelves are always fun to look at. always interesting to see what people read.

    6. Donna said...

      Love this idea and just emailed you photos!
      It is always fun to view other's bookshelves.
      Donna @

      Wanted to invite everyone over to my site for my give away: "Mistakes" this week. Great book!

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