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    Monday, May 9, 2011

    This week we're loving the bookcases of Emma of BelleBooks. I so want the Shakespeare bookcase!

    My bookcases are filled mostly with Young Adult Paranormal romance books, with the odd adult and chick lit books thrown in here and there!

    My first bookcase (the skinny white one) Is a recent purchase, it is from the Billy range at Ikea. I have recently re-jigged the shelves on it to make some more room for my books, which you can see by the gaps on the shelf. I haven't had the time to go back to Ikea yet to buy 2 extra shelves yet!

    My second bookcase is also from the Billy range at Ikea, only this one is a special limited edition Shakespeare version which was designed for charity. It is covered in Shakespeare quotes ad I love it! I'm not sure how many of these bookcases were made worldwide, but I am sure it was not a very large number. It is a bit messy, as I tend to dump all my stuff out of my bags onto it. The first four shelves are full of books, below them is my shelf full on dvds and the shelf below that has Xbox games and my massive pile of university work.

    I know my bookcases are the neatest or tidiest in the world, but I like them! Looking at my bookcases I think they would tell you that I am an avid reader (I mean I have two bookcases in my bedroom and they are both pretty much full!), I read a mix of books depending on my mood and I enjoy those extra little touches, which you can see from my Shakespeare bookcase and all my little teddies and ornaments on it.

    I want to see YOUR bookcase!
    Send me a photo of your bookcase along with a paragraph or two about what you love about your bookcase, what's on there, and what it says about you! Every week (here's hoping that I get some responses) I'll feature a bookshelf and happily link back to your blog or website if you have one! Please send your submisssions to
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