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  1. Bring on 2011!

    Saturday, January 1, 2011

    So, I realise that this blog has gone pretty quiet the past few months and I wanted to give a brief update. 2010 was a bit of a rough year for me and my focus ended up shifting elsewhere for a time. My intention has never been to leave this blog behind and hopefully I will start getting reviews out again in the coming days.

    I have high hopes for 2011. This year I want to be happy, healthy, and read a lot of new books!

    I hope you all have had a fun and safe start to 2011. Happy new year, everyone!
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    1. mummazappa said...

      2010 was a stinker for me too, and like you I'm looking forward to a much more awesome-er 2011. Heres to a great new year, I hope it's much better for you!

    2. vvb32 reads said...

      wow, what a spectacular display!
      have a happy new year terra!

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