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  1. Fifty Followers!

    Thursday, December 10, 2009

    Yesterday I logged on and low and behold, I have fifty followers! Okay, so I know that some people might say that fifty is not a very high bench mark but it's my first really notable bench mark and it sure does give me a serious case of the warm fuzzies to know that fifty people have looked at my blog and have liked something about it enough to think that they would like to see what else I post in the future.

    I also just want to say thank you to everyone for your thoughts, feedback, awards, and just for making my getting this blog started to be such a blast for me.

    I would sometime in the near future like to hold my first contest to celebrate but I am not going to announce anything yet. I might wait and see how devastating the holiday season is on my wallet first and decide how exactly I should go about doing it. I do like the idea I have seen around of purchasing something from the Book Depository. Cutting out the middle man (me) means minimizing the amount of travel for the book and hence increasing the chance of a book arriving on someone's doorstep in shiny condition.

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    1. Anonymous said...

      Congratulations! :)

    2. Congratulations on your 50 followers! It is a really good feeling !

    3. Erin said...

      Terra, congratulations on gaining fifty followers (and I'm happy to count myself as one of them!)! I also want to thank you for returning that favor and making me feel welcome with my own baby blog. It's always a risk when we put our opinions and tastes out there, and it's a wonderful feeling to know that others are agree with them or are interested enough to argue the case with you.

      Looking forward to what you will continue to post!

    4. Congratulations hun! You deserve it! :)

    5. Anonymous said...

      Yay!!!! Congrats!

    6. Congrats! Hitting 50 followers is a big deal! I hope the holidays treat you well and you enjoy your self.

      I have been pondering the thought of 50 followers myself, as I am 1 away from it. It really does mean a lot to know there are people out there that like to read what you have to say.

      Congrats again, you deserve it.

    7. Melissa said...

      Congrats on hitting 50!!

    8. AS new blogger ourselves we know that 50 followers is huge! Now you have 53 and in no time it will be over 100 and will continue to climb! Love your blog and Congrats!

    9. Terra said...

      Thank you, everyone, for all of your kind words and congratulations. It means a lot to me. =)

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