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  1. Blue Noon by Scott Westerfeld

    Wednesday, December 9, 2009

    Before I get in to the review I just want to apologise for the delay on getting this review out. I had to give priority to writing out some job applications as I would really like (read need) either some part time or full time work, which, unfortunately, is not very easy to come across at the moment. Much to my frustration, today the Word document for my selection criteria for one position was somehow corrupted beyond recovery and I now have to start over from scratch meaning I will probably be fairly quiet over the coming few days as well as I try to catch up.

    Now, on with the review.

    The Midnighters of Bixby finally have some of their hard sought answers about the secret hour in their town. But the answers have come at a price - Rex is left damaged, somehow different, after his horrifying experience in the desert at the hands of the Darklings and the delicate bond in the group is strained after Melissa's violation of Dess's mind. With the Greyfoot's ability to communicate with the Darklings severed the Midnighters might finally be safe enough to spend time to recuperate and regroup. Except, history may not be as black and white as they thought and then comes the day when the blue time arrives in the middle of the day.

    Soon the Darklings will once again be free to prey upon humans - unless the Midnighters can find a way to stop the secret hour and real time from crumbling.

    What an amazing end to great series. Blue Noon really sees the characters of the Midnighters series fulfill their potential. Rex struggles with the Darkling part of himself and Jonathon, even though he knows that it is wrong to want it, cannot help but wish that the Darklings plan really does become a reality so that he can have the freedom of being able to fly all of the time. Dess cannot forgive Melissa for violating her mind while Melissa begins a transformation into an entirely different person as she finally acquires the knowledge to be able to deal with her Midnighter ability. In some ways, this book is the opposite of the first in the series, The Secret Hour, and Jessica is the one that is left behind a bit on the development scale. Rex really becomes the most fascinating character to follow here. He is in conflict with the Darkling part of himself, a part of himself that might even want the Darklings to succeed, but also in the changes in brings in him he is finally able to question the Lore which he had previously regarded so highly. He is finally able to question the history of Bixby as written by Midnighters past and realise the bias there.

    Blue Noon is packed with action and suspense but goes above and beyond being merely a "final battle," going on to ask further questions. I really liked how Westerfeld chose to end the series and how the extent of their possible success was uncertain and that no matter what their would be consequences. Right up to the end of the book the characters were continuing to develop and be impacted on by events, setting them up for what directions they choose to take after the story comes to its close. I also liked how some seemingly insignificant idea that he had slipped in over the course of the past two books turned out to be very significant in the end. Something that was previously just seemingly a little something to ponder suddenly becomes the big "aha!"

    My one complaint, might be the overuse of certain similes throughout the course of the series. This is particularly in reference to the 'tastes' that Melissa picks up using her psychic ability. For example, things are often described as being like a battery or the tip of a pen or lead pencil pressed against the tongue. Did Westerfeld go around licking pencils and batteries in preparation for this book because he sure seemed to reference it quite a bit?

    Midnighters has been a great series and Scott Westerfeld really is just a wonderful young adult author. I definitely recommend that you give this series a try.

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    1. I have loved hearing of this series with each book review. I am definitely going to have to get this series. I love the whole idea here. This sounds like this book kept moving the whole way through.
      Thanks for the great reviews!

    2. I LOVED this series! I wish more people would rad it! I struggle with the ending tho because I want to know more - what happened next! Maybe someday he'll write another book in the series.

    3. Terra said...

      Melissa, I am so happy to hear that you have enjoyed my reviews of this series. This definitely isn't the last of Scott Westerfeld's work you will be seeing on my blog either. I am yet to acquire his latest book, The Leviathan, so I plan, instead, to take a little break from him and then come back to review the Uglies series.

      Jill, I'm glad that you loved the series too. I wonder how another sequel would work though. I didn't really like how, for example, he approached Extras, the final addition to the Uglies series. I'll save going into detail on it for when I do my review though.

    4. Oh my goodness, you have picked another one of my favorite books, well, series in this case. I read this years ago but keep all the books for re-reading. This series was my first introduction to Scott Westerfeld. I love his stuff! Great review, you said it all! Jake and Gregory just finished Leviathan and loved it. I've got to get to it next!

      Thanks for a wonderful review that brought up all the good feelings I had when reading these books.

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