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    Saturday, October 31, 2009

    Nanowrimo not quite enough? Then how about giving National Blog Posting Month a go?

    I heard about this event over at Jennifer's blog Tantrums and Tequila. My first thought was I wouldn't have enough time for it, not with Nanowrimo going on at the same time. My second thought was that my post count over the past month is absolutely pitiful and this might just be the thing to give me a good kick up the arse and get me posting steadily again.

    NaBloPoMo, like Nanowrimo, is called national but, again, it really is international. This event, like many others out there, was born from Nanowrimo. The goal of this one is to blog every single day of November. According to the website, many people really get into the swing of it and continue to post daily into December and beyond. Hence you can drop in a blog a month away whenever you want but as everyone knows, November is the month for doing all manner of crazy things so that's the time to participate if you want to see the community in full swing and go in for the chance to win prizes.

    So now I am planning to have a social life, blog every day, and write a novel. My, my. November sure is looking out to be an exciting month! The only remaining question is, can I survive it?


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