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  1. Active Readers: A Glass of Fresh

    Friday, June 25, 2010

    Soda. Pop. Fizzy. Soft drink. Whatever you are inclined to call it, in the past two weeks I haven't had a single drop of one of these sugary, carbonated beverages. It was not really part of any planned diet or anything - although I do think it might definitely be contributing to some minor weight loss - but rather after being designated driver one night out at the clubs with friends I got home and realised that while I had not touched a drop of alcohol I was so wired from the caffeine and sugar from all of the Coca Cola I had drank. I figured that could not possibly be healthy, either.

    While I am also not drinking as much pre-packaged fruit juice one of my favourite ways to up my fruit intake and make sure that none of the fruit in the house goes uneaten is to make up some juice myself. Some of my favourite fruits to throw in together in the juicer are apples, oranges, watermelon, and grapes but there are plenty of other fruits you could throw in to the blend. The end result is what my mum likes to call "a glass of fresh" (a phrase I believe she has borrowed from Oprah) and tastes so much better than any bottled juice I have ever tried - not to mention the added benefit of not losing all the pulp.

    Definitely one of the more delicious ways to relax on a hot day or after a hard work out!

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