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  1. Musing Mondays

    Monday, May 17, 2010

    So, I have decided to participate in just one more meme. Musing Mondays is hosted by Rebecca over at Just One More Page.

    This week, Rebecca asks:

    "What happens when you see a movie based on a book/story, especially one you’ve not read? Do you feel the need to track it down and read it?"

    Usually when a movie takes my interest and I hear that it is based on a book I try to read the book before seeing it. The release of the movies encouraged me to finish reading all of The Lord of the Rings and I have been in love with the books ever since. In the case of The Children of Men by P.D. James, I was glad that I had read the book first as the movie absolutely butchered it. On the other hand, I had not thought that Memoirs of a Geisha would be my style but the fact that I enjoyed the movie encouraged me to give it a try and I found that I loved it.

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