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    Monday, September 27, 2010

    Considering my usual reading habits, it seems strange for me that I did not get that much reading done while I was on crutches, instead I pulled out some old PC games and allowed my mind to be consumed by Assassin's Creed and Battle for Middle-earth II.

    John Dies at the End by David Wong
    I was thrilled when this finally turned up on my doorstep. I'd been hanging out and counting down waiting for the paperback to be released so that the Book Depository could finally ship me my pre-order. If the title sounds familiar to you it may be because it started out online as a web series. After a few years it caught the attention of indie horror publisher Permuted Press and eventually came to the attention of St. Martin's Press. Not at all bad for a story that started out online.

    The Passage by Justin Cronin
    Is this book in high demand right now or what! It took forever to get to the top of the library waiting list for The Passage and there are more in line behind me. I just hope that I can get through all 766 of its pages before I have to pass it along! I look forward to reading a vampire story that isn't set in the school yard.

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    1. Tina said...

      I've heard so many good things about The Passage too. I avoid vampire books because of how it has invaded paranormal romance, but this I'm willing to try. :)

    2. I bought John Dies at the End a while ago, doesn't it sounds freakishly cool? I haven't read it yet tho, so I look forward to your review!

    3. I love the covers of this books - they're so striking! Have a great week reading your books. They look like alot of fun!

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