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    Sunday, August 29, 2010

    It has been a quiet week for me, both in terms of blogging and book collection, largely due to my recovering from recently dislocating my left kneecap. It is rather difficult to get down to the library when one has a massive brace on their leg. The good news is that I was allowed to take the leg brace off today, although I am not allowed to bend that knee much for a few more weeks but it is quite stiff anyway.

    Feed by Mira Grant
    More zombies this week! Look out  and get your survival plans ready because the zombies are set to rise in four years time! This is the first book in the Newsflesh series. It would be great to have a really good zombie series going at the moment.

    The Tudors, Season Two
    I absolutely loved season one and I will get a review up of it soon. I wish that I had discovered this show sooner! In the meanwhile, I will get started nursing my wounds with the second season.

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  2. 4 comments:

    1. Hello! The book cover of Feed is so compelling! I could buy it and just stare at the cover! (Just joking, I'm sure I won't be able to stop myself from devouring that book.) Hope it is good.

      Hope you fully recover soon! :)

      -The Book Eater

    2. Anonymous said...

      I love The Tudors! And Charles Brandon aka Henry Cavill. The 4th season doesn't premiere here in Canada til the end of September, and I can't wait!

    3. Dwayne said...

      Haven't heard of these books, but they do sound interesting. Hope that knee recovers well enough. Get well soon and have fun reading! xx

    4. mummazappa said...

      ooh I really want to read that Feed - I've heard good things about it, hope your knee is bendy again soon!

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